Police want actress Reid’s help

Actress Tara Reid has been asked to meet with Long Island police to answer a few questions in connection with publicist Lizzie Grubman vehicular foray into a crowd of people on July 7, The New York Post reports.

The American Pie 2 star is currently out of the country on vacation, but Judd Bernstein, Reid‘s lawyer, said she would cooperate with the police once she returns to the United States.

“She’s going to give them truthful information, but I don’t think it’s going to be very helpful to them,” Bernstein said.

Grubman allegedly plowed her Mercedes SUV into a throng of bystanders outside Conscience Point Inn in Southampton, a popular nightclub among the cognoscenti, injuring 16 people.

Police are trying to interview anyone and everyone who may have spent time with Grubman that night. Reid and Grubman supposedly partied together at a beach house owned by financier Alex Von Furstenburg mere hours before the crash.