Pop Culture Cliffs We Love

Cliff Pantone, 'Bring It On'
He makes rockin’ music you can choreograph a cheer routine to… what more could a captain of her high school cheerleading squad want in a guy? {Photo Credit: Universal}
Cliff Clavin, 'Cheers'
This know-it-all postal worker doesn’t have luck with the ladies… or Jeapordy! After appearing on the game show, he lost all his winnings, and went on a tirade angry enough to scare off Alex Trebek. {Photo Credit: NBC}
Clifford the Big Red Dog
A dog as red as a firetruck and as big as a house... you can’t get a pet or friend as awesome as Clifford. {Photo Credit: Scholastic Books}
Cliffs Notes
No one may admit to using these helpful study guides, but we’ve all been there: the night before a big English test, and you haven’t even cracked open the book. Break out the Cliffs Notes! {Photo Credit: John Wiley & Sons}
Cliff, 'The Rocketeer'
Stunt pilot Cliff Secord discovers a jet pack that can make him fly, and he uses his newfound power for good. {Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures}
Cliff Robertson, 'Spider Man'
Uncle Ben gave Peter Parker the motivation he needed to be a hero after a mugging killed him. The quote that gave Peter the strength to become Spider Man: “With great power comes great responsibility.” {Photo Credit: Columbia}
Cliff Huxtable, 'The Cosby Show'
Bill Cosby played the patriarch of the household, and was one of the most eccentric, silly, and loving dads on TV. {Photo Credit: NBC}
The Cliffs of Insanity, 'The Princess Bride'
Inconceivable! {Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox}
Cliff Elliot, 'Dawson's Creek'
He appeared in five episodes of Season 1, dating Jen as a filler before she got together with Dawson. {Photo Credit: WB}
Cliff St. Paul, 'Ugly Betty'
The fashion photographer had a roller coaster of a relationship with Marc St. James, but things ended for good when Marc confessed he cheated. {Photo Credit: ABC}
Heathcliff, 'Wuthering Heights'
The ultimate tortured romantic hero/villain, he let his all-consuming passions destroy both himself and those around him. {Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures}
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