Poster Children for Birth Control: The Worst Pop Culture Kids

Angus T. Jones
This 'Two and a Half Men' star made recent headlines when he started chowing down on the hand that feeds him, calling his sitcom "filth" and urging everyone to stop watching it. He released a statement saying he respects his costars, but we didn't exactly see an APOLOGY from him, did we? {Photo Credit: CBS}
Baby Carl, 'Revenge'
While this little tyke is too young to actually do anything, the fact that he is Jack's biological son with Amanda pisses us off. Now there is absolutely no chance Emily and Jack will ever be together! This is one happy family we weren't too happy about. {Photo Credit: ABC}
Carl, 'The Walking Dead'
Carl has come quite a long way from his uselessness in earlier seasons. He's on the path to redemption with his badass shooting skills, mature decisions, and leadership abilities. However, there is one glaring choice we cannot forgive: he named his baby sister Judith?!? Little Ass-Kicker was better than that! {Photo Credit: AMC}
Charlie, 'Revolution'
We get it, you have to save Danny! How many times do you have to say that per episode? Quit whining about everything! {Photo Credit: NBC}
Cid the Rainmaker, 'Looper'
This telekinetic tyke may seem cute at first... but he actually might grow up to be the deadly 2072 mob boss known as The Rainmaker. And any slight irritation causes him to explode anyone in his vicinity. Try giving him a time out... see if you survive. {Photo Credit: Sony Pictures}
Ashley, 'Sinister'
Influenced by the pagan deity Bughuul, Ashley chops up her mom, dad, and brother with an ax, and uses their blood to paint pictures on the walls. {Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment}
Andrew, 'Chronicle'
After gaining telekinetic abilities with his cousin Matt and their friend Steve, Andrew completely loses it. He kills Steve, causes mass chaos all over the city, and tries to kill Matt, before Matt reluctantly kills Andrew. {Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox}
Glen, 'Mad Men'
It's rare we agree with Betty Draper, but we wouldn't want Glen around our daughter, either. Nevermind his all-around creepy demeanor (he wants actual locks of people's hair) or the fact that he just shows up like a kid in a horror movie, it's that horrifying pre-mustache he's sporting that gives us the willies about Glen. {Photo Credit: AMC}
Henry, 'Once Upon a Time'
Yes, his constant whining and stubbornness led to Emma breaking the curse cast over Storybrooke, but the kid is still annoying as ever. {Photo Credit: ABC}
Honey Boo Boo
Do we even need to provide an explanation for this one? {Photo Credit: WENN}
Lily, 'Modern Family'
We are convinced Cam and Mitchell's daughter is the devil. Why is it that Luke is the only one who sees her for what she truly is? {Photo Credit: ABC}
Milania Giudice, 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'
Even her mother, Teresa, describes her as a "terror." When your own mother can't say nice things about you, that's a bad sign. Let's hope this 4-year-old grows out of her attitude. {Photo Credit: Bravo}
Dana Brody, 'Homeland'
Dana is always lurking. Why is she always just awake, doing nothing but eavesdropping? And it's like she is just trying to get herself arrested or something. Even after her parents told her to just forget about the car accident, that it was taken care of, she just wouldn't let go of it. She is all-around the worst. {Photo Credit: Showtime}
Never, 'Louie'
He pooped. the tub. End of story. {Photo Credit: FX}
Costa, 'Project X'
Even though he threw the best part of the year, Costa is pretty much the worst. His friend Thomas only wanted a small party for his birthday, and Costa transformed it into the rager of the century, complete with psycho drug dealers, flame throwers, and mass destruction of the entire neighborhood. He refused to apologize when interviewed by reporters, and announced he was throwing another party soon after. And the worst part: the character is based off of a real teen who threw that exact party in real life, destruction and all. {Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures}
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