Posters We Forgot We Had on our Bedroom Walls

Ben Affleck in 'Armageddon'
"I-I really don't think that the animal cracker qualifies as a cracker. Cause it's sweet, which to me suggests cookie, and, you know, I mean, putting cheese on something is sort of the defining characteristic of what makes a cracker a cracker. I don't know why I thought of that, I just..." — Shaunna Murphy
Devon Sawa
"I think everyone was a 14-year-old girl thinking of that line from 'Casper' when he says to Christina Ricci, 'Can I keep you?' All 2 billion tweens the world over died, because they thought that this cartoon ghost that was a human for like 3 minutes and Christina Ricci had found true love always and forever." — Alicia Lutes (Explaining Sawa's past popularity)
'The Lion King'
"What? It was a good movie." — Shaunna Murphy
Powerman 5000
"In my defense, I worked at a Sam Goody. (Nope, no defending any of this.)" — Aly Semigran
Seth Green
"Seth Green in the mid-'90s - be still my heart! Like MC Skat Kat before me, I knew that opposites attract and Seth Green was the dude for me. Sure...I had inches on him height-wise even back when I was just a tweenager, but no matter! True love has fought harder battles before, you guys. I knew in my heart we'd be able to make it work because I put a picture of his face on my wall. True love!" — Alicia Lutes
Got Milk?
"Baby, for me, one 'Got Milk?' ad wasn't enough. I tore through my copies of 'YM,' 'Teen People,' and 'Seventeen' just for a chance to rip out pictures of '90s stars who lack basic drinking skills. (Seriously, who actually gets a milk mustache?) Another opportunity to slather JTT on your bedroom wall? Now, that does the body good." — Kate Ward
"Have a Day!"
“The variety of day-type at one’s disposal was illuminated by this poster: any given day could range from 'rainy' to 'spontaneously combustible' to 'Doris.' It was this new perception of countless opportunities that made the poster — nay, the world — freshly appealing. The 'Have a Night’ poster, though… a real shark-jumper.” — Michael Arbeiter
Backstreet Boys
"I loved Nick Carter. Thought he was so handsome, and went to every concert the Backstreet Boys had in South Florida. Justin Timberlake meant nothing compared to the Backstreet Boys in my book." — Lindsey DiMattina (Editor's Note: Blasphemy.)
Courtney Love
"I wanted to be her. I saw her at Lollapalooza right after Kurt died — it was transformative. I also saw her in New York the night she hit someone in the head with a mic stand." — Brian Moylan
Magic Eye Darth Vader
Magic Eye Darth Vader
"Well, I'm a giant nerd. So this happened. Had to balance out the 15,000 Justin Timberlake faces somehow." — Kelsea Stahler
Justin Timberlake
"I was particularly proud of this one at one point" — Kelsea Stahler
The Spice Girls
"Slam me to the left. (If you're havin' a good time.) Shake it to the right. (If you know that you feel fine.) Chicas to the front. (Huh huh and go rooooound.)" — Leanne Aguilera
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