“Potter” reviews, rumors pour in

As expected, the buzz surrounding the upcoming Harry Potter film has reached a crescendo–but the buzz is not all praise.

According to the BBC on Thursday, select reviewers of the film from Time magazine reported that though the special effects are “eye-popping,” the children’s performances are not. One reviewer reportedly wrote: “[The children’s performances] often require patience on the part of the viewers” and that “[the book is] a more transporting piece of entertainment.”

In other Potter news, the BBC also reported Thursday that Warner Bros. films–the movie’s production company and distributor–denied accusations that Potter portrayer Daniel Radcliffe had to have his voice re-dubbed in post-production by another actor.

The accusation, which stems from rumors that Radcliffe‘s voice began breaking so badly on the set that it became a distraction, was printed Thursday in Britain’s The Sun newspaper, which reported that 13-year-old Londoner Joe Sowerbutts was hired to perform the dubbing.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone hits theaters in both the United Kingdom and the United States on Nov. 16.