“Potter” star says she won’t appear in sequel for same pay

Actress Zoe Wanamaker, a star of the Harry Potter film, has
said that she will “boycott” the sequel unless Warner Bros. boosts the
salaries of the actors.

In an interview with the London Sunday
, Wanamaker said that she received less for making the movie
than she did for a recent BBC production. She also claimed that she and
other British actors will receive no residual payments. The Sunday
quoted her as saying: “We have all been cyber-scanned so we
can all be replicated [in computer games]. It’s bad form. Even the
costume designer who came up with these amazing creations will get no
residuals. It’s shocking and disgraceful. … Some actors signed
three-film deals but the money was so crap I was insulted so just signed
for one. If they want me for a second they will have to up their rates.”