Prince Charles Will Marry Parker Bowles

British royal Prince Charles will marry his lover Camilla Parker Bowles on
April 8 at London’s Windsor Castle–despite the fact the monarchy’s Church
of England religion strongly opposes the remarriage of divorcees.

The Prince of Wales’ representatives announced today at London’s
Clarence House that the heir to the throne will wed Parker Bowles, who was
blamed by Charles’ late wife Princess Diana for the breakdown of her marriage
to the Prince.

But Charles will become the Supreme Governor of the Church of England if he
becomes King, and many Anglicans are against the marriage, because Charles
divorced Diana, and Parker Bowles’ ex-husband is still alive.

Charles’ representatives insist Camilla will become Princess Consort not
Queen Camilla if her future husband becomes King.

Queen Elizabeth II says, “The Duke of Edinburgh and I are very happy that the
Prince of Wales and Mrs. Parker Bowles are to marry.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams will preside over the
ceremony and says, “I am pleased that Prince Charles and Mrs. Camilla Parker
Bowles have decided to take this important step.”

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