Queen Latifah gets first ever mammogram

Queen Latifah is urging fans to follow her lead after going for her first ever mammogram. The U.S. talk show host was due to get checked a long time ago, but missed her appointment due to a busy work schedule. Now she is keen to make sure her viewers don’t make the same mistake.
She tells the New York Daily News, “I got a mammogram on Friday, the first one I’ve ever got, and I was scheduled to do this a long time ago and then got an appointment and then work was so that it got away from me… I shared it (spoke about it) because I felt that other people had busy schedules and let something important like that just get away from them.”
Latifah also reveals she called her doctor to book a check-up after speaking with a breast cancer survivor on The Queen Latifah Show, saying, “I think the show was a motivation for me to get more conscious about my own health.”