QUICK TAKES: Fonda files for divorce, plus more

It’s officially over for Jane Fonda and Ted Turner. Fonda filed for divorce from the CNN tycoon earlier this week in Atlanta’s Fulton County Superior Court, ending 15 months of separation, The Associated Press reported. According to Fonda, 63, and Turner, 62, their marriage crumbled when Fonda became a Christian. “We went in different directions. I grew up,” she told AP.

“Titus” stuntman injured

A stuntman practicing a dangerous car maneuver for the Fox series Titus wound up in a Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday. Brian Carson, 44, was rehearsing the stunt at the Los Angeles County raceway-hitting a speed of 60 mph-when his car slammed into a ramp rigged with explosives. According to Entertainment Tonight, Carson suffered serious head injuries and multiple bone fractures. Carson has performed more than 2,000 stunts for the small screen.

Kathleen Turner: proud pop?

Actress Kathleen Turner will take on a role she’s never tackled before in a May 17 episode of Friends: a transvestite man. People reports that Turner, 45, will play Matthew Perry‘s father in the hour-long episode, in which the characters played by Perry and Courteney Cox Arquette discover daddy’s little secret after years of no contact. Morgan Fairchild will star as Perry‘s mother.

Goldie Hawn in the director’s chair

First-time screenwriter Goldie Hawn, who has completed her script Ashes to Ashes, also will earn the title first-time director. According to Entertainment Weekly, Hawn‘s film will follow the travels of a bitter woman who reluctantly takes her ex-husband’s ashes to Nepal. Jeremy Pisker (Bulworth) co-wrote the screenplay with Hawn.

Eminem: moving away

Following the path of such fellow musicians as Madonna, rapper Eminem has told British papers that he’s intent on moving out of the United States to roost across the pond in England. According to Britain’s Sun tabloid on Thursday, Eminem is looking for a suitable apartment in London for the time being, then will branch out and go house hunting in the more exclusive neighborhoods nearby. Says the Grammy winner: “I love Britain.”

All Saints/Prodigy wedding

A spokeswoman for singer Natalie Appleton of the girl group All Saints has confirmed that she and Prodigy band member Liam Howlett are engaged. Says Appleton of her hard-rocking beau: “I’m very excited. I love him to bits and I’ve never been happier.” The nuptials are to take place sometime next year.

Rosie’s return to Nickelodeon

In a bizarre move, Rosie O’Donnell, who had backed out of hosting the 14th annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards last week due to a hand injury, has recanted her refusal and will indeed emcee the event. According to Entertainment Tonight, O’Donnell, 39, was given the green light by her doctors to travel to Los Angeles to host the show. A doctor will accompany her throughout her trip.

Michael Jackson gets dumped

King of Pop Michael Jackson has to search for a new entertainment management company to handle his affairs, according to People. His representation, The Firm, which also handles as the Backstreet Boys, dumped Jacko after just a year of managing his career. The Firm refused to comment, but Jackson was nice enough to thank them anyway for the effort it put forth on his behalf. He has recently been working on a new album that should be released sometime this fall.