Quote of the Day: Limp Bizkit’s Durst on U2’s Bono

Limp Bizkit’s lead singer Fred Durst, on Launch.com, about working with U2’s Bono on the “new school” rock version of the Marvin Gaye cover “What’s Going On”:

“Bono did his vocals this morning from France over the Internet, and it sounds unf–king believable!! The man is a living legend. He has really tapped into the pulse of the world. It’s crazy for me to get calls at my home from ‘Bono from U2.’ It’s like, ‘Hello,’ ‘Hello Fred, It’s Bono.’ (Holy sh-t.) ‘Hey Bono, did you like the track?’. ‘It’s so real, I hope you like what I did in the bridge’ (He hopes I like what he did?) ‘I’m sure it’s off the hook…’ (He then plays me his vocals over the phone) ‘Oh my God Bono, it’s absolutely perfect,’ and that it was!! I can’t believe how good the man is.”