Rachel Stevens in the dark over baby until second trimester

British pop star Rachel Stevens was stunned when she discovered she was expecting another baby as she was almost into her second trimester before finding out she was pregnant. The former S Club 7 singer is due to give birth in March (14), and she is delighted about having a brother or sister for her three-year-old daughter Amelie.
However, the initial news of her impending arrival left Stevens and her husband Alex Bourne completely baffled as they had no idea she was so far gone.
Stevens tells British magazine OK!, “I was further ahead than I thought. I went to Majorca (Spain) for a shoot and only did a pregnancy test when I got back. I presumed I was about two weeks pregnant but I was actually 10 weeks. I was over the moon. I couldn’t understand why I felt so sick and bloated – I thought I was just being over-dramatic!”