Rainbow stars planning secret reunion – report

Former Rainbow bandmates Joe Lynn Turner and Ritchie Blackmore are working on a top secret reunion project. Turner, who was one of four singers who fronted the band between 1975 and 1995, has revealed he and the guitar great could soon be back onstage together, but he has been sworn to secrecy.
He tells Rock Overdose, “I’m going to be honest with you right now… It’s (reunion) very possible. Last year I wouldn’t say it, but this year I say it. It’s a very big possibility that something might happen. I heard talk of it, and all I can say is I’m not supposed to talk about it. But I’m talking to you now and all I want to do is say ‘Yes’. We may have a reunion, and it would be phenomenal.”
Blackmore was the only full-time member of Rainbow and as well as Turner, his frontmen were Graham Bonnet, Doogie White and the late Ronnie James Dio.