Ramsay accuses mother-in-law over family fall out

The British chef’s bitter fall out with his wife Tana’s relatives hit headlines last month (Oct10) when he sacked her father, Chris Hutcheson, from his post as CEO of Gordon Ramsay Holdings. Hutcheson is now suing the Hell’s Kitchen star for $3 million (£2 million).

Ramsay has attempted to patch up the fractured family relationships by writing an open letter to Tana’s mother, Greta, urging her not to cut contact with her daughter.

But Ramsay has now risked alienating his in-laws even further by fiercely criticising his mother-in-law in his first interview since the scandal hit. He has accused Greta of writing Tana a letter in the wake of her father’s dismissal and urging her to end her marriage.

He tells Britain’s Daily Mail, “The letter said: ‘Tana, you are not welcome anywhere near our door. I cannot believe that you have done this to your father. Until you dispose of that man, you are not welcome back.’

“Basically, she was saying, get rid of Gordon. Get rid of me. That was the thing that tipped me over the edge. My back was turned and they were jumping on Tana, using her as a target to manipulate and poison. Hoping she would just lift up the kids – my four children! – and jump in with them. And hang me out to dry because I had sacked her father…

“I don’t know any other guy, any husband, or father, who would stand there and take those blows…”

Ramsay admits he feels “betrayed” and “let down” by Hutcheson and his wife, but he’s adamant the feud will not harm his marriage to Tana.

He adds, “It has made our marriage stronger and our minds much clearer… Tana and I have never been stronger. The more s**t the family throw at her makes us stronger.”