Rapper 360 gearing up for sober shows after rehab stint

Top Australian rapper 360 will perform sober for the first time in years when he hits the stage in support of Eminem next month (Feb14). The hip-hop star, real name Matthew Colwell, quit drink and drugs late last year (13) after a stint in rehab and his upcoming gigs with the U.S. superstar will mark his first performances since getting clean.
He tells The Sydney Morning Herald, “I’m quite nervous to be honest (about the Eminem shows). I’ve never really been nervous for performing, but I’ve never really been sober… (and) at the moment I’m completely sober and clean.
“I’m sort of jumping in the deep end at the Eminem concerts performing to 50,000 people, these are going to be the first shows I’m doing sober… it’s going to be great especially that I won’t be intoxicated (so) I can take everything in and enjoy it.”
Colwell reveals his drinking and drug-taking first began to spiral out of control after he was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease as a teenager, which left him needing a cornea transplant in his left eye.
He adds, “To be honest it was alcohol at the start then it was many different things. It was self-medicating, trying to deal with fame and being in the spotlight and trying to get rid of anxiety. Trying to deal with issues with my eyes.”
The 27 year old has now completely overhauled his health: “Now I don’t drink or do drugs and I subbed health for my addictions. I get up every morning and go to the gym at 9 o’clock. I make sure I’m eating (well), have protein shakes and raw eggs in the morning. I’m going hard at it.”
360 will support the Stan hitmaker at his gigs in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney from 19-22 February (14).