Ray Charles Performs at Colosseum Peace Concert

Rome’s infamus Colosseum, a place where gladiators were bludgeoned 2,000 years ago, was home this Saturday to a concert honoring peace and equality.

“Time for Life,” a concert that was part of a three-day gathering of world political and economic leaders emphasizing the Middle East conflict, was also a two-hour coming together of international musicians.

Ray Charles represented the U.S. in a gold-sequined jacket as he sang “Georgia on My Mind.”

Other artists took the stage representing Algeria, Argentina, Palastine and Israel. Italy’s Nicola Piovani, Academy Award winner for the Life Is Beautiful soundtrack, also performed.

The mayors in attendance joined the performers to sing the closing number, “Imagine,” by John Lennon.

“Music is the best way we have to celebrate peace,” said Rome mayor Walter Veltroni.