Really?! 18 Ridiculous Plot Twists

Did you love ‘Brave,’ regardless of a ridiculous plot twist that saw Princess Merida’s mother turned into what her family hates most: a bear? Us too. So, following the film’s successful opener, we’ve decided to run down some of the most inane plot twists to hit the big screen. Click through to see the surprises that would make M. Night Shyamalan proud.
Set-Up: A couple (Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard) adopts a troubled, 9-year-old Russian girl with violent tendencies. / Twist: She’s a homicidal 33-year-old midget prostitute!
‘Signs,’ ‘The Village,’ ‘The Happening’
Set-Up: Let’s handle all these M. Night Shyamalan movies at once: A rural family hides from nefarious aliens; a 19th century village fends off monsters; people mysteriously begin committing suicide en masse. / Twist: The incredibly intelligent, tech savvy aliens planned to take over a planet that’s 71 percent water despite being deathly allergic to H20; the village is actually a modern-day town full of recluses who dress up as monsters to maintain their population; the trees did it! What? No!
‘Planet of the Apes’
Set-Up: A remake of the 1968 original, Tim Burton’s ‘Planet’ follows a man (Mark Wahlberg) who travels into the future on a planet run by walking, talking, damn dirty apes. / Twist: Abe Lincoln is an ape? General Thade is Abe Lincoln? What?
Set-Up: A drawn-out scene in the Nicolas Cage-led action thriller shows mass, jaw-dropping death. Everyone dies! / Twist: Not really! It’s All a Premonition!
Set-Up: A group of strangers, including John Cusack’s Ed, convene at a motel during a brutal storm… and find each other getting picked off one by one. / Twist: They aren’t real — they’re all multiple personalities in a psychotic prisoner’s head!
‘Vanilla Sky’
Set-Up: A wealthy publisher’s son (Tom Cruise) falls in love with a new woman (Penélope Cruz), is driven off a cliff by an ex-girlfriend (Cameron Diaz), and becomes disfigured until a doctor repairs his appearance. / Twist: It’s all a dream — he’s been frozen for 150 years after overdosing!
‘High Tension’
Set-Up: A college student (Cécile de France) travels to her friend’s home for the weekend… only to have to fend off a serial killer, who brutally murdered her friend’s entire family. / Twist: The serial killer didn’t exist — the college student shows her sexual longing for her friend by killing her entire family herself. Also: Excessive masturbation scenes!
‘The Number 23’
Set-Up: A man (Jim Carrey) becomes obsessed with the number 23 after finding a book about its connection to various world events. / Twist: The man himself wrote the book after he became obsessed with the number 23, murdered his girlfriend, and jumped off a hotel balcony, but before the fall strapped him with amnesia and the ability to become obsessed with the number 23 again.
‘The Forgotten’
Set-Up: A woman (Julianne Moore) is convinced her young son was killed — but everyone surrounding her insist she never had a son. / Twist: Aliens took her son!
‘The Life of David Gale’
Set-Up: While writing a story about David Gale (Kevin Spacey) — a man on death row framed for murder — a journalist (Kate Winslet) learns that a videotape reveals the real murderer. / Twist: The videotape reveals there was no murder — Gale’s supposed victim committed an elaborate suicide to protest the death penalty. And Gale was in on it all along.
‘The Game’
Set-Up: A man (Michael Douglas) is given the opportunity to participate in an elaborate game for his 48th birthday. After fielding several physical and mental attacks, he suspects the game is a cover for a conspiracy. / Twist (that’s as ridiculous as it is awesome): Nope, it was really just a game! Family’s the worst.
‘Matchstick Men’
Set-Up: A man (Nicolas Cage) wrestles with his life as a con man and his desire to reconnect with the daughter he never knew he had. / Twist: The con man was conned — he never had a daughter! And you thought this was a heartwarming movie?
‘Soylent Green’
Set-Up: A man (Charlton Heston) lives in a dystopian future in which the masses are fed a mysterious, economic food source called “Soylent Green.” / Twist: Soylent Green is people!
‘Remember Me’
Set-Up: An NYU college student (Emilie De Ravin) falls in love with Tyler (Rob Pattinson), an angst-y fellow student. / Twist: The year is 2001 and Tyler dies in the World Trade Center attacks. Too-soon twist!
‘Anger Management’
Set-Up: A man (Adam Sandler) is sent to court-ordered anger management after he’s arrested for assault following an incident on a plane involving his seatmate… who turns out to be his therapist. / Twist: It was all an elaborate plot — and his girlfriend, therapist, and, flight attendants were involved. Also: It was about Charlie Sheen all along.
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