Rebooted Green Lantern is ‘outed’

DC Comic bosses have announced Alan Scott – the original Green Lantern, who first debuted in 1940 – will be reintroduced in an upcoming issue as homosexual.

The new twist, to be revealed when the issue hits shelves on Wednesday (06Jun12), came about after DC writers decided to reboot their superheroes last year (11) and wrote out Scott’s openly gay adult son Obsidian.

Series writer James Robinson says, “I was sort of putting the team together and I realised one of the only downsides to relaunching the Justice Society as young, vibrant heroes again was that Alan Scott’s son was no longer going to exist in the reboot. I thought what a shame and then it occurred to me, why not just make Alan Scott gay?”

Green Lantern’s ‘outing’ follows Marvel’s decision to feature a storyline in which superhero Northstar proposes to his longtime partner, Kyle Jinadu.

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