Redgrave pays tribute to Russell

Tommy director Russell, who passed away on Sunday (27Nov11) aged 84, cast Redgrave in 1971 film The Devils and also went on to work with both of her daughters in other productions.

Her youngest daughter Joely Richardson worked with him on TV series Lady Chatterley alongside Sean Bean, while Natasha, who died in a skiing accident in Canada in 2009, broke into movies in Russell’s 1986 Frankenstein film Gothic.

Redgrave has now paid her respects to Russell, who comforted her when she lost Natasha two years ago (09).

She tells the BBC, “I think the most important thing that I could possibly say about Ken is that he was, and his films remain, the works of a genius… I was very honoured to be in The Devils… and my youngest daughter Joely did a wonderful, I thought wonderful, Lady Chatterley’s Lover with Ken, and my oldest daughter Natasha did a film about Mary Shelley which was a fantastic film, one of her first big feature films.

“I will be grateful to Ken forever personally because when my Natasha died, he wrote the most wonderful appreciation of her work as an actress which I really treasure, so I’m really sorry for his wife.”