Reese Witherspoon has named a dress after her Big Little Lies character


Reese Witherspoon has named one of her Draper James dresses after her Big Little Lies character.

The actress launched the clothing brand in 2015 with pieces inspired by her Southern U.S. upbringing, and chose to title it after her grandparents Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon. And now Reese, who starred in and produced the HBO hit, has paid homage to the show through a new garment.

The ‘Madeline,’ named after the 42-year-old’s character Madeline Martha Mackenzie, is a silk A-line dress covered in a busy yellow and green floral print with beaded embroidery. Reese even took it upon herself to model the outfit for the Draper James online home page, pairing it with a pair of blue polka dot court shoes and a denim jacket slung over her shoulders, while posing next to a directors chair holding a megaphone.

As well as matching Reese’s signature Southern style, the Madeline – which retails at $295 – also matches her character’s preppy homemaker dress sense.

The Oscar winner is also working towards making her fashion line a family affair, having already recruited her 18-year-old daughter Ava Phillippe to lead a campaign, and she recently persuaded her two nieces to model pieces from the brand’s new Mommy & Me collection.

The two girls, Abby James and Draper, were styled in cute gingham dresses, while their mother – Reese’s sister-in-law Jennie – was also involved in the photoshoot, and similarly dressed in a gingham gown adorned with white flowers.

“Since Draper James launched, we have received countless requests for children’s clothing,” Katherine Brodie, director of ecommerce at Draper James said in a statement. “We hope that this collection is a success and that it gives us more insight into future products and partnerships.”