Renner faces the real Hurt Locker in Afghanistan

Renner won an Oscar nomination for his role as Sergeant First Class William James, who leads a team of bomb disposal experts through Iraq in Kathryn Bigelow’s critically-acclaimed war drama.

And the actor found himself walking through a minefield for real after he flew out to the Middle East as part of a United Nations (U.N.) mission to highlight victims of the hidden bombs and those who are helping defuse the explosives.

Renner visited the region of Bagram in Afghanistan and donned a Kevlar suit and protective mask to walk through a minefield at the weekend (26-27Jun10).

He tells Reuters, “It’s tremendous. Seeing the guys firsthand is a wonderful gift for me. I don’t think there are many guys in my position – I’m just a silly actor – that get an opportunity to come out to Afghanistan at a time of war and get to experience this.”