Richard Gere Steps Out to Help Raise Funds for his Parents’ Favorite Cinema


Richard Gere gave bosses at his parents’ favorite movie theatre a big boost at the weekend by showing up to introduce a screening of Pretty Woman.

The actor agreed to help raise money for the Montrose Movie Theatre marquee in Susquehanna County, New York after learning that the old place needed a handful of repairs.

He was the guest of honor at the Montrose Area High School fundraiser on Saturday (07Oct17), when he told film fans his parents used to attend the cinema when they were young.

“They have known each other since they were teenagers,” Gere told local news channel WNEP. “My mom just died last year, but she was 91. She had an incredible life. My dad is 95, and they went to this movie theatre.”

The actor was asked to attend the fundraiser by family members who still live in the area.

“Small town theaters all over the country are struggling right now,” he added. “People don’t leave their houses anymore for movies. They watch them at home, but there’s something about going to the cinema.

“Maybe if I can inspire some younger people who came from a small town like this that maybe their dreams are possible, I think that’s a good thing.”

The Montrose Movie Theatre is the only working cinema in Susquehanna County.