Richey Edwards’ family find new clue in bid to solve mystery disappearance

The family of missing Manic Street Preachers guitarist Richey Edwards have found a new clue they hope could help solve the mystery surrounding his 1995 disappearance.
Richey disappeared after driving from London to Cardiff in February 1995. His car was reported abandoned on the Severn Bridge, a route that links England with Wales, on 17 February.
His family have spent 23 years appealing for witnesses who may have seen him cross the bridge, based on information that he checked out of a London hotel at 7am, and passed a toll booth on the bridge at 2.55pm.
However, new evidence has shown that Richey, who was 27 when he vanished, in fact passed through the toll booth at 2.55am the following morning, as the recording machine was set on a 24 hour clock – and his family now hope new witnesses can shed light on the 12 hours that are now unaccounted for.
His sister Rachel told British TV network ITV: “It’s since come to light by tracking down the person who made the (bridge’s time recording) machines and making enquiries that that was a 24 hour clock, it always was. So that meant 2:55 was 2:55am. So we were appealing to people to have seen him at certain times that day when actually those times are meaningless now.”
Richey’s family have long been unsatisfied with police inquiries into his disappearance. He was officially presumed dead in 2008, but detectives from London’s Metropolitan Police force still list the case as open.
Rachel said she hoped the new information would prompt police officers to look at their investigation into her brother’s disappearance.
“We are hoping that it will establish a new line of enquiry because this is vital information that changes everything and turns it all on its head and needs to be looked at again,” she commented.
A spokesperson for the police told ITV the new information is being looked into.
Richey’s disappearance, which occurred on the day the Manic Street Preachers were due to fly to the U.S. for a promotional tour, is regarded as one of music’s great mysteries – with fans claiming to have spotted him as far afield as India.