Rihanna’s former accountants petition judge to dismiss suit

Rihanna’s former accountants have petitioned a judge to dismiss a breach of contract and negligence lawsuit filed by the singer in 2012. The We Found Love hitmaker, real name Robyn Rihanna Fenty, is seeking unspecified damages from bosses at New York firm Berdon LLP for allegedly neglecting to properly manage her cashflow and expenses and failing to uncover millions of dollars in unpaid royalties.
Rihanna also blames the money men for not dissuading her from purchasing a luxury home in California in 2009, which became a living hell for the singer, and she has accused her former financial advisors of failing to file her tax returns, resulting in an audit by officials at America’s Internal Revenue Service.
However, the accountants are firing back at her lawsuit with their own legal documents, filed in Manhattan Federal Court.
They have listed things Rihanna did to compound her financial woes and are asking a judge to toss the case out.
Meanwhile, on the other side of America, a Los Angeles judge has issued a tentative ruling denying a writ filed by the police officer who leaked a photo of the singer following her 2009 assault at the hands of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown to TMZ.com.
Former LAPD officer Rebecca Reyes, who also took the infamous photo of the singer’s beaten-up face on her personal cell phone, was found guilty of multiple counts of misconduct at an administrative hearing and while she escaped criminal prosecution, she was kicked out of the force.
She has since filed a lawsuit seeking a writ of mandate, calling on the City of Los Angeles and Police Chief Charles Beck to officially terminate her employment.
In advance of a hearing on Thursday (20Mar14), Superior Judge Luis Lavin has denied Reyes’ writ.
The judge writes, “After conducting an independent review of the evidence, the Court finds that Petitioner participated in the release of the photograph showing Ms. Fenty’s injuries to TMZ.”