Rik Mayall scraps plans to bring Bottom back

In August (12), Mayall announced plans to reunite with his co-star Adrian Edmondson to bring Bottom back for a new series, titled Hooligans’ Island.

However, Edmondson has now confirmed the project has been shelved after the comedy duo failed to make progress.

He tells BBC Radio Essex, “There isn’t a Bottom series four. There isn’t anything. We started working on something and we realised why we stopped working together. It wasn’t working.”

Asked why he exited the Bottom revival, Edmondson adds, “Because I enjoy other things more… I’m aware that people think comedy’s easy to do and write and everything, and it relatively is to be honest. But once you get to a certain age you want to do things you really enjoy, not just things you can do.”

A spokesperson for the BBC, which aired the sitcom between 1991 and 1995, says, “I can confirm that Hooligans’ Island is not going to be made.”