Rita Wilson: ‘A shared bathroom is key to a happy marriage’


Rita Wilson has credited sharing a bathroom with husband Tom Hanks as the secret to their happy marriage.

The singer/actress will celebrate her 31st wedding anniversary with Forrest Gump actor Tom later this year (19), with the pair one of the longest-lasting couples in Hollywood.

As such, both Rita and Tom are frequently questioned about the key to their union, with the multi-talented star revealing a surprising answer during a recent interview on radio show Taste of Country Nights.

“At night, when you are getting ready to go to bed and you are taking off your make-up, or you’re brushing your teeth – those are the times great conversations happen, and good laughs happen,” she explained of her shared bathroom reply. “You can really connect at the end of the day.”

While Tom is considered one of the most personable actors in Hollywood, his kind nature doesn’t mean he and Rita don’t argue at points.

But if there are ever cross words exchanged, the Throw Me a Party singer likes to ensure the air is cleared before they go to bed.

“There’s always that thing you’ve heard about never going to bed angry, and I think there is something to that,” the 62-year-old mused. “Try to resolve whatever it is before you go to bed.”
In addition, both Rita and Tom, also 62, think is highly important to share a laugh whenever possible.

“Keep yourselves laughing, even in a fight,” she explained. “Try to find some humour in something, so you can keep it loose.”