Riz Ahmed calms fan fears over reshoots for Star Wars: Rogue One

British actor Riz Ahmed confirmed the making of Star Wars: Rogue One is going to plan despite film bosses ordering several weeks of reshoots.
Fans of the science-fiction franchise were left alarmed by reports earlier this year (16) that bosses at Disney, the studio producing the film had ordered four to five weeks of extra filming as they were unhappy with the movie.
However Riz, who plays rebel pilot Bodhi Rook in the latest Star Wars instalment, insists that the reshoots are normal practice and the reshoots that have taken place on the Rogue One movie are similar to other projects he has starred in such as British comedy Four Lions and the new Jason Bourne film.
“All big films do reshoots,” he tells BBC Radio One Newsbeat. “Actually even all small films do reshoots. On Four Lions it was a six week shoot, we did two weeks of reshoots.
“On Bourne there are reshoots, even in The Night Of, there are reshoots. It’s really not uncommon. I think people just kind of want to fixate on it a little bit because it’s Star Wars.
“But with anyone familiar with making films, reshoots are par for the course and particularly on bigger films. They allocate a budget always for reshoots.”
The 33-year-old actor also hit out at the negative early reports about the film, which he believes have jumped the gun in their criticism.
“I can’t speak for Disney, but I’m happy,” he says. “I think we did some really cool stuff before, we’re doing some really cool stuff now. I think it’s going to be a pretty cool film, because it’s a slightly different kind of Star Wars. It’s like a war movie.”
Despite reports that the movie was being extensively reshot, an insider on the project told E! News that any changes were minor.
“If we were rewriting the movie and reshooting 40 percent of movie, we would not be finishing in August,” the source said. “People really would be panicking – and changing the release date.”
Fans of the Star Wars franchise also received some positive news about Rogue One last month (Jun16) when bosses at Disney revealed that the film would feature Star Wars’ most iconic villain, Darth Vader.
Star Wars: Rogue One is currently scheduled for release in the U.K. and U.S. on 16 December (16).