Rob Lowe: ‘Ginnifer Goodwin helped me portray President John F. Kennedy’

Actor Rob Lowe has credited his new TV wife Ginnifer Goodwin for helping him slip into character to play tragic U.S. leader President John F. Kennedy in Killing Kennedy. The Behind the Candelabra star portrays the 35th president in the TV movie based on U.S. journalist Bill O’Reilly’s book, and he admits his co-star, who played Kennedy’s wife Jacqueline, was instrumental in his transformation for the role.
He tells Good Morning America, “When I looked into her face, I felt I was transported to being with Jackie and she made my performance work because she was already in the place I needed to get to.
“To see her in that Chanel tragic beautiful pillbox hat and outfit (which was worn by the former First Lady when Kennedy was assassinated in 1963), it was just so heartbreaking. It was easy to find all of the stuff I needed to access.”