Robert Blake Faces Ex-Wife in Court Again

Actor Robert Blake is set to face one of his toughest days in court to date, as
he faces testimony from his first wife again in the ongoing civil case brought
against him by his murdered wife’s family.

Attorney Eric Dubin, who is representing the family of Blake‘s slain wife
Bonny Lee Bakley, has called on Sondra Kerr–the actor’s ex-wife–to testify
about her violent encounters with the Baretta star.

The former husband and wife came face to face briefly on May 27 as
the civil case against Blake heated up.

Kerr’s attorney Gloria Allred entered the court on Friday insisting there was
little she could say about the proceedings, but she revealed, “It wouldn’t
surprise me if they asked about whether or not there were any acts of violence
during the relationship.”

Dubin explained to news show Celebrity Justice that he called on Kerr
because he hoped Blake‘s behavior towards her could establish a pattern of

He explained, “I think there’s a lot of conduct that occurred with Bonny and
we’re going to talk about it.”

Blake was acquitted of the murder of Bakley in March (05), but his slain
wife’s family still maintain the actor is guilty.

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