Robert De Niro’s Broadway show interrupted by President Trump supporter


A weekend production of Robert De Niro’s Broadway show A Bronx Tale was interrupted by a protester holding up a sign in support of controversial U.S. President Donald Trump.

De Niro is a co-director of the show, and although he was not on stage on Saturday (16Jun18), that didn’t stop the audience member from unfolding and waving a large banner in support of a Trump re-election in 2020 during the production’s curtain call, with the slogan reading, “Keep America Great”.
The audience member was reportedly thrown out after the incident.

The protester’s actions appeared to be in response to the Raging Bull actor’s foul-mouthed outburst at Trump earlier this month (Jun18), when he blasted the U.S. leader during an appearance at the Tony Awards.

Launching into his rant, which network executives at CBS were forced to censor, De Niro raged, “Hey Trump – I’m talkin’ to you!” as he raised both his fists into the air. “I’m gonna say one thing: F**k Trump.”

“It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f**k Trump,” he added, as the crowd cheered.
After the headline-grabbing incident, President Trump hit back at De Niro via Twitter, calling him “a very Low IQ (intelligence quotient) individual”.