Robert Downey Jr: Burger King Saved Me From Drugs

Troubled actor Robert Downey Jr. credits fast food giant Burger King with
helping him overcome his dangerous drug addiction.

The Chaplin star says he once planned a drugs binge in California, but a
revolting burger from the restaurant chain made him think about his health for
the first time, and forced him to start a healthy new life.

He recalls, “There I was with tons of f**king dope in my car. I’d already
been up for a couple of days, and I could have gone on for the next couple of
days. And it probably wouldn’t have ended there.”

“I have to thank Burger King. It was such a disgusting burger that I ordered.
I thought I might have a heart attack, or have to go to hospital. I reached out
to some people and said ‘ I’m really in trouble. I need to get this out of my

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