Robert Kazinsky had $3 to his name before landing True Blood

Actor Robert Kazinsky was left penniless as he struggled to find work after leaving his native Britain and moving to Los Angeles. The True Blood star, who found fame on long-running British TV soap EastEnders, found it hard to make ends meet as he tried to break into Hollywood.
He tells People magazine, “I didn’t work for two years (after moving to Los Angeles). I had lost motivation and had $3 to my name. But just waking up to sunlight makes your struggle that much happier.”
He went on to land a role in the hit vampire series in 2012 and now stars in Guillermo del Toro’s new film Pacific Rim. He is quickly building an American fan base, one he hopes is friendlier than in England, where he was known for playing a TV bad boy.
He says, “In England I’d be at dinner and they’d throw bread rolls at me. I hope that doesn’t happen here.”