Rock ‘offended’ by Morgan’s comments

The 30 Rock star hit headlines last week (ends12Jun11) after making a series of offensive comments about homosexuality at a stand-up show in Nashville, Tennessee.

Rock initially defended Morgan, telling fans in a post on, “I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in (a) world where Tracy Morgan can’t say foul inappropriate s**t.”

But the comedian has now backtracked after reading Morgan’s remarks and his subsequent apology, and he made his feelings clear in another post on

Rock writes, “Tracy Morgan is a tad off, we all know that, so when Tracy says something I usually don’t take it any more serious than I would a statement from Gary Busey or Flavor Flav.

“When I first heard the statement (of what Morgan said) I thought it was offensive but it also reminded me of my father saying, ‘I’ll kill you if you ever bring home a white girl’ but after reading everything Tracy said, wow I get it that s**t wasn’t called for and I don’t support it at all.”