Rocker electrocuted at Moscow show

The frontman of U.S. rock band Emmure is recovering after getting the shock of his life onstage at a gig in Moscow, Russia. Frankie Palmeri was halfway through the band’s first song during a show at the Plan B club on Tuesday (07May13) when he was electrocuted and fell to the floor.
The heavy rockers scrapped the rest of the concert and later apologised to fans.
Guitarist Mike Mulholland took to Twitter and wrote, “I’m so sorry to all of our Moscow fans who came to see us tonight.”
Palmeri also sent out a tweet to fans, assuring them he was OK after the shock.
He added, “Yeah I’m fine I just wanna go the f**k home.”
The frontman later explained that “s**tty circumstances” were to blame for his electrocution.
He stated, “A venue with no ventilation caused the entire venue to sweat + faulty wiring and grounding caused the accident.
“I’m not mad at Plan B or Moscow or anything stupid like that. I took the risk because I wanted to step onstage and play an amazing show.”