Rod Stewart warned about soccer ball skills onstage in Las Vegas

Rod Stewart has been told to cut back on his soccer ball kicking antics during shows in Las Vegas, because venue staff fear a fan will fall from a balcony reaching for a trophy. The soccer-mad rocker has become famous for kicking balls into the audience during his shows – but bosses at the Caesars Palace resort have asked him to limit his skills to the fans in the floor seats.
He tells The Hollywood Reporter, “What I do is… try and lob them up in the air so people can see them coming. I was getting them up onto the third balcony at Caesars Palace, and the audience absolutely loved it.
“But the people at Caesars said, ‘You’ve got to stop it, because the balcony is so dangerous. People are reaching out and someone’s going to go straight over… into the audience – and the evening would grind to a very painful halt.”