Rodriguez having a whale of a time on deep sea mission

The Avatar actress is currently onboard a boat as part of marine conservationist Paul Watson’s Operation No Compromises campaign, which aims to stamp out the killing of whales.

Rodriguez has been learning the ropes and training to drive small motorised vessels, which will be used to get close to the Japanese whaling boats.

The star admits she spent several days feeling sick after they set sail last week (ends21Nov10), but she is determined to see through her mission because she’s convinced the anti-whaling campaign will help save her from the pressures of Hollywood.

She tells, “I got to drive a tender yesterday which is the little motor ships that they drive to get in close proximity of the Shonan Maru (Japanese whaling ship).

“I will dedicate a lot of my sweat and my time and devote a big percentage of it to this, to the preservation of life because I can’t sit back and not do anything knowing how wrong it is, not to care about tomorrow. If anything it’s not a selfless act, I’m getting as much as I’m giving out of this.

“I really believe in balance. I really think that’s the only way I’ll stop myself from dying young, from being a burnt out star. That’s how stars die young, you put too much energy and effort into one thing.”