Roger Daltrey Baffled By Fans Filming At Gigs

Roger DaltreyWENN

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has criticised music fans for filming concerts on their phones, branding the practice “weird”.

The veteran rocker, who announced details of the group’s 50th Anniversary tour on Monday (30Jun14), struggles to understand why revellers pay to attend gigs and then spend their time capturing the performance instead of enjoying the music.

He says, “I feel sorry for them, I really feel sorry for them. Looking at life through a screen and not being in the moment totally – if you’re doing that, you’re 50 per cent there right? I find it weird.”

His bandmate Pete Townshend agrees, adding, “If you’ve been to Glastonbury (music festival) this weekend I hope you enjoyed the music rather than feeling you have to build a Facebook story about it.”