Roger Ebert in line for hometown memorial statue

Late film critic Roger Ebert is set to be honoured with a life-size bronze statue in his hometown of Urbana, Illinois, if organisers can raise $125,000 (£83,330) for the tribute. The statue will go in front of Champaign’s Virginia Theatre, where the Ebertfest film festival has been held for the last 15 years, and will depict him sitting in the middle of three movie theatre chairs, giving his signature thumbs up.
A statement reads, “The sculpture will be a permanent memorial which will honor Ebert for both his career and his dedication to his roots.
“It will also honor him for his determination to press forward with Ebertfest in the face of huge medical challenges.”
Officials hope to have the statue ready for Ebertfest next year (14).
Ebert passed away in April (13) at the age of 70, after a long battle with cancer.