ROLE CALL: Al Pacino to Emote (Some More)

HOLLYWOOD, May 22, 2000 -– Coming soon, yet another chance to see Al Pacino scream, yell, punch tables and act angry the only way he knows how.

Today’s Daily Variety reports that “The Insider” is in negotiations with New Line Cinema to star as a struggling Hollywood producer in a flick about the movie industry.

The film, still untitled, is written by “The Truman Show” scribe Andrew Niccol.

SQUEEZING MORE OUT OF THE JUICE: Today’s Variety also notes that Ving Rhames, Tom Cruise’s co-star in the upcoming “Mission: Impossible 2,” will portray hard-ass attorney Johnnie Cochran in the CBS miniseries “American Tragedy,” about the O.J. Simpson trial.