ROLE CALL: Being the Green Goblin

A lot of other actors in Hollywood will be green with envy. John Malkovich will just be green — the Green Goblin, that is. It’s been rumored for weeks, but Daily Variety confirms today that Malkovich is in negotiations to star opposite Tobey Maguire in the biggest film of 2001, “Spider-Man.”

For the unfamiliar, the Green Goblin is a madman who dresses up in green stockings and flies through the air on a skateboard-sized glider, hurling exploding pumpkins. In other words, Malkovich — he of “Con Air” and “Being John Malkovich” fame — is perfect for the part.

BERRY GOOD: Things are going well for Halle Berry lately. She just got an Emmy to add to her pile of awards for HBO’s “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge,” and now she’s getting a $2.5 million paycheck, her biggest ever, to star in “Swordfish” for director Dominic Sena. The spy thriller also stars John Travolta and Berry‘s co-star in “X-Men,” Hugh Jackman.