ROLE CALL: Big-Screen Boyband?

‘N Sync SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 27, 2000 — They made “Spice World,” didn’t they? Yes, they did, and so in the continuing tradition of pop stars turned movie stars — a tradition that includes the good (“A Hard Day’s Night“), the bad (“Under the Cherry Moon“) and the unwatchable (“Spice World“) — comes word that the boybanders of ‘N Sync are reportedly going big screen.

A company called Total Film says it’ll unveil its cinematic vision with the teen idols May 16 at the Cannes Film Festival. For now, all we know is that Total Film is most eager to work with the Sync guys because they are, in a remarkable phrase, “an international musical treasure.”

Said Total Film Group Chairman and Chief Executive Gerald Green in a statement: “By turning to film, they will give their fans around the world a new medium in which to enjoy their remarkable talents.”

The Total Film project supposedly is to start shooting in early 2001. The guys previously have been rumored to be doing a flick with Tom Hanks‘ production company.

‘N Sync is currently the biggest-selling music act in the nation — moving 4.84 million copies of its sophomore album, “No Strings Attached,” since its release five weeks ago.

LOST IN THE TRANSLATION: MTV comic Tom Green, who underwent cancer surgery last month, will star in an English-language remake of Roberto Benigni‘s 1994 Italian comedy “The Monster,” The Hollywood Reporter says.

GONE TO POT: Ashton Kutcher, resident dreamboat on Fox’s “That ’70s Show,” will stretch his thespian muscles in “Dude, Where’s My Car?,” a stoner comedy for 20th Century Fox. The Reporter says a June start date is planned for the shoot.

GEE, DO YOU THINK VINCE VAUGHN IS AVAILABLE FOR THIS PROJECT, TOO? Universal Pictures, which in 1998 offered moviegoers the wholly unnecessary shot-by-shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock‘s “Psycho,” is next planning to destroy, er, redo the master filmmaker’s 1941 suspense classic “Suspicion,” Daily Variety says. The original film starred one Cary Grant.