ROLE CALL: Denzel Minds His ‘Q’

Mainstream A-list guy Denzel Washington in a Cassavetes movie? Yup. The film’s called “John Q.” And the Cassavetes is Nick, the directing son of indie icon John.

Reports today say Washington is a lock to star in “John Q,” a drama about a regular John Q. Public who goes postal over (what else?) a health insurance snafu.

DOES THIS GUY EVER STOP MAKING MOVIES? No. Today’s Hollywood Reporter says the ubiquitous John Travolta will next insert his mug into “Domestic Disturbance,” about a guy who grows suspicious of his son’s new stepdad.

APPARENTLY DOESN’T TAKE AFTER HER HUSBAND: Kelly Preston (aka Mrs. John Travolta) has dropped out of the Richard Rodriguez action-comedy “Spy Game” with Antonio Banderas. Preston gave birth to the couple’s second child April 3.

MORE FUN STUFF: Haley Joel Osment, last seen as a tormented tot in “The Sixth Sense,” will co-star with Willem Dafoe in “Edges of the Lord,” a World War II drama about a little Jewish boy (Osment) terrorized by the Nazis.