ROLE CALL: Depp and Clooney Bang A Gong

Looks like the on-again, off-again “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” is finally ready to get it on.

Daily Variety reports that Johnny Depp is in final talks to star in the project, which is a biopic based on the autobiography of Chuck Barris, aka “The Gong Show” host, who says that he also worked for the CIA.

Adding more weight to the offbeat film would be George Clooney, who might join Depp in a co-starring role as a CIA recruiting agent.

The project will be directed by “X-Men‘s” Bryant Singer and is written by “Being John Malkovich” scribe Charlie Kaufman.

GETTING THE ‘JOB’ DONE: Kevin Costner will reunite with “Bull Durham” and “Tin Cup” helmer Ron Shelton in the action thriller “Two Guys on the Job,” Variety says.

The story is about two San Francisco cops who begin as partners but eventually become bitter enemies.

Costner will play one of the cops, and another 40ish actor will soon be cast for the other part.

GOING RINGSIDE: The “Ali” biopic cast keeps on growing and growing and growing. The latest to get enlisted to the Michael Mann project is Jon Voight, who’ll play the late boxing commentator Howard Cosell. The actor will join a group of talents that includes Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Mario Van Peebles, Mykelti Williamson and Ron Silver.

G MONEY: “Charlie’s Angels” helmer McG is developing a new action flick called “Airshow,” which follows two elite fighter pilots from the Persian Gulf War, Variety says.

Also in the works for McG, aka Joseph McGinty Nichol, will be the “Charlie’s Angels” sequel and the military thriller “Dreadnaught.”