ROLE CALL: ‘Dieter’ Lives?

The world may be safe yet for another “Saturday Night Live” knock-off flick. Word today is that Mike Myers is being lured back to the botched “Dieter” project by promises of a better script (not to mention an assist from peacemaker Steven Spielberg).

Myers walked on the film last month and was subsequently sued by Universal Pictures last week.

“Dieter” is based on Myers‘ old “SNL” sketch “Sprockets.”

Jim Carrey HANG UP: Jim Carrey is out of Joel Schumacher‘s would-be gritty “Phone Booth.” Carrey is the second star to bail, after Will Smith.

FIFTEEN MINUTES STILL COUNTING …: Fox-rejected Jennifer Love Hewitt will costar with Sigourney Weaver and Gene Hackman in “The Breakers,” about a wacky mom (Weaver) and daughter (Hewitt) who con residents of a Florida resort.

CLASH OF THE TITANS: Burt Reynolds and Sylvester Stallone will team for the race-car drama “Champs,” The Hollywood Reporter says. Renny Harlin is set to direct.

HOME IMPROVEMENT: Also per the Reporter, Janeane Garofalo is a lock for “Big Trouble,” a Barry Sonnenfeld ensemble comedy featuring Tim Allen.