ROLE CALL: Ewan McGregor Goes Pop

He once portrayed an Iggy Pop-inspired rocker in “Velvet Goldmine,” and it looks like Ewan McGregor is about to do the same with British pop pioneer Billy Fury. According to Reuters, the “Star Wars: Episode I” actor’s next project will be a film biography about Billy Fury, the Liverpool, England, pop icon who dominated the rock scene in the early 1960s.

No title has been attached to the project. Reuters said that McGregor‘s uncle, Dennis Lawson, who had a minor part in “Episode I,” will also be in the film.

INFIDELITY LANE: Cheating on someone such as Richard Gere ain’t easy, but someone’s got to do it. The Hollywood Reporter says that Diane Lane is in final talks to star opposite Gere in the thriller “Unfaithful.” The film, a takeoff of the French classic “La Femme Infidele,” is about the extramarital affair of a woman that leads to murder.

ANOTHER ‘SOLIDER’: The Reporter says that Scott Glenn is close to joining Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Harris and Anna Paquin in the war flick “Buffalo Soldiers.” Casting of the film has been going in rapid-fire speed, and if you recall our other casting reports, the film is about the criminal ways of a group of young U.S. soldiers in West Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.