ROLE CALL: ‘George Lucas’ Employed

The guy who directed the buzzable parody short “George Lucas in Love” has made good on the buzz, landing his first Hollywood picture deal. Joe Nussbaum will helm the comedy “How to Eat Fried Worms” for Nickelodeon Films, today’s Hollywood Reporter says.

George Lucas in Love,” produced in 1999, is a goof on “Shakespeare in Love,” featuring the young “Star Wars” guru (circa 1967) looking for inspiration for a screenplay, a la the Bard.

HOW DOES THIS GUY KEEP GETTING WORK? Mumbler Giovanni Ribisi is in talks to co-star with Cate Blanchett in Miramax’s “Heaven,” a drama about a woman (Blanchett) bent on finding her husband’s true murderer.

WHAT A CROC: Shooting is slated to begin in August on “Crocodile Dundee III,” starring the weathered-looking star of the first two only-in-the-’80s comedies, Paul Hogan.