ROLE CALL: Hanks Seeks His Own ‘Beauty’

Tom Hanks is returning to the big screen, and this time he’ll work with yet another superstar director. The Hollywood Reporter says Hanks and Sam Mendes, who won an Oscar fo “american Beauty, are set to make “The Road to Perdition,” a 1930’s-era gangster story, for DreamWorks. The movie starts shooting early next year.

“The Road to Perdition” is based on a graphic novel published by DC Comics. The screenplay is by David Self, who previously wrote “The Haunting.”

HEY LAAADY!: First Eddie Murphy updated “The Nutty Professor,” now Jackie Chan wants to remake another Jerry Lewis property, “The Bellboy,” Variety reports.

DINOSAUR GIRL: The Hollywood Reporter says Tea Leoni is in final negotiations to star in “Jurassic Park III,” which starts filming in Hawaii later this month and already includes William Macy and Sam Neill among its cast members.

STOP, THIEVES: Variety says that Forest Whitaker and Dwight Yoakam are nearing deals to co-star as a pair of thieves trying to steal a stockpile of cash from Sandra Bullock’s home in “The Panic Room.”

MORE MOORE: Julianne Moore and Billy Crudup will co-star in a $2 million drama called “World Traveler,” which is backed by the Independent Film Channel, Variety reports.