ROLE CALL: Helen Hunt Gets a Woody

Will Woody Allen ever again make a really good movie? Helen Hunt is hoping so. Daily Variety says today that the “Mad About You” star, who won an Oscar for “As Good As It Gets,” is signed up to appear in Allen’s next project which, as usual, remains untitled and under shrouds of mystery during its early stages.

BILL FITS THE BILL: Bill Paxton, he of films such as “A Simple Plan” and “Twister,” is going behind the camera to make his debut as a director with “Frail,” a psychological horror-thriller, The Hollywood Reporter says. Matthew McConaughey is in negotiations to be the star.

MOVIN’ WES: Wes Anderson, the director of “Rushmore,” has struck a deal with Disney to make “The Royal Tannenbaums,” described as a “Magnificent Ambersons”-like story about a family of geniuses living in New York, The Reporter says.

EX-SLACKER IN ‘TRAINING’: Ethan Hawke is close to joining the cast of “Training Day” alongside Denzel Washington. Hawke would play a young narcotics officer and Washington a grizzled LAPD veteran, so says the Reporter.