ROLE CALL: Jackie Chan Stretches Out

Jackie Chan’s next role will be quite a stretch, literally. He’ll still be doing his martial arts thing, but this time he’ll be playing Stretch Armstrong. Yes, the same character that was once a real-life stretchable toy in the mid ’70s.

Chan is still in negotiations for the part in the Disney production, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Word is that the story has changed several times, but the latest version would cast Chan as an uptight secret agent who comes across a formula that gives him his stretching abilities.

CRUISE, CRUZ, CAMERON & CROWE: “Charlie’s Angel’s” starlet Cameron Diaz is currently in negotiations for a supporting role in “Vanilla Sky,” Daily Variety is reporting. The romantic comedy stars Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz and reteams Cruise with “Jerry Maguire” director Cameron Crowe. Shooting begins in the fall.

MILLA-ING ABOUT: Milla Jovovich will star opposite Ben Stiller in Paramount Pictures’ “Zoolander,” which also is directed by Stiller. The film centers around a clueless supermodel at the end of his career who is brainwashed to kill the president of Malaysia.

PERFECTLY FRANKA: Franka Potente (“Run Lola Run”) has been cast to star in “The Bourne Identity,” starring opposite Matt Damon. The film follows the mysterious Bourne, who wakes up in a doctor’s office with amnesia.

MUSIC TO WAKE THE DEAD: Newcomer Marguerite Moreau and Lena Olin are in negotiations to join the cast of “Queen of the Damned” with director Michael Rymer. The project currently stars Stuart Townsend and actress-singer Aaliyah. Townsend plays a vampire who becomes a rock star and whose music wakes up the queen of all vampires Akasha, played by Aaliyah.