Role Call: Jackson snags Brando and friends

It’s a very light week in role call land. What a shame–there’s not one sexy star I can talk about (trust me, this is a problem here at But I do have the freakish pop singer/superstar category covered. Honestly, what is wrong with Michael Jackson? Boy, I’d really like to go into it, but there’s too much to talk about and I just don’t have time. Let’s focus on the casting choices he’s made for his new video “You Rock My World” for now. He’s snagged Marlon Brando (who replaces Robert De Niro), some of the cast from The Sopranos, Benicio Del Toro and Chris Tucker to play some parts, and I just have one question–what do you think Jackson did to entice talent like that? Maybe he’s paying them buckets of money. Maybe they feel sorry for him. Nevertheless, Jackson, whose career is really taking a turn for the worse with spiraling record sales and little public interest, has decided to return to his glory days by producing this $30 million video, jam-packed with big names–basically making up for a pretty average pop tune none of the radio stations want to play. It’s sad, really.

“Fathom”-less Cameron

Director and special-effects aficionado James Cameron has decided to concentrate on comic books–and once again, water–for his next project. He will be developing a live-action version of the comic book Fathom, which follows a beautiful young girl named Aspen Matthews. Aspen is found on an abandoned yacht with no memory of her past. Don’t you just hate that? You’re on a yacht, you’re having fun and then–wham! You forget everything. But I digress… The girl grows up, becomes an Olympic swimmer and a marine biologist. During her research she discovers not only a mysterious underwater race but her own water-based powers. This is right up Cameron‘s alley; he simply loves the water, doesn’t he? With his films The Abyss and Titanic, he’s getting a name for himself filming epic water adventures. He’s even doing a series of underwater specials for ABC with the late Jacques Cousteau’s son, Jean-Michel. Someday, I’ll have to ask him what his fascination with the deep blue sea is.

Rat pack

Sammy Davis Jr. only wished he could have starred in the latest unbelievable script coming out of Hollywood. Take a gander at this: apparently, talent/literary house The Endeavor Agency has decided to get a little rat-happy. They are hawking a remake of the 1971 rodent-infested Willard written by Glen Morgan and writer-director James Wong. You remember Willard, don’t you? That happy story about a socially persecuted young man who gets back at his co-workers with a blood-thirsty rat, starring Bruce Davison. Right. On Tuesday, the agency created a stir by sending the reworked spec script around town, in a cage–with rats. Now, tell me what studio executive is going to pass something like that up? DreamWorks principals Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg and Miramax co-chairmen Harvey and Bob Weinstein were among some of the recipients of the lovely “package.” Where’s the rat poison?

Cimino’s “Fate”

Michael Cimino is returning to the director’s chair with a new project, Man’s Fate, a drama set in Shanghai against the backdrop of the Chinese revolution. Based on French author Andre Malraux’s novel La condition humaine (The Human Condition), the film follows several Europeans living in Shanghai and the emotional bonds they develop during the tragic turmoil of the onset of China’s Communist regime. Cimino is looking at several A-list actors, including Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis, John Malkovich, Uma Thurman and French actor Alain Delon. Poor Cimino. His career started so big with the Academy Award-winning The Deer Hunter, but has been forever stamped with the ugly label of directing the classic textbook-case flop Heaven’s Gate. He’ll never be able to shrug this off, unless he directs another Oscar winner. Maybe Fate will be his ticket out of the Gate.

And in television…

Usually I stick with the movies, but this television role call caught my eye. Actress Juliette Lewis is going to make a guest appearance on ABC’s Dharma & Greg, playing Jenna Elfman’s childhood friend. Now, what the heck happened to Juliette Lewis? It used to be that when a movie actress started doing television, it meant their careers were going downhill. This isn’t the case anymore, with the advent of cable and the quality of material being put on television. However, in Lewis‘ case, we may be looking at old times. If it were Friends or Fraiser, that would be one thing but Dharma & Greg? She came out like gangbusters when she started her career with Woody Allen‘s Husbands and Wives and Oliver Stone‘s Natural Born Killers, and especially in her heart-wrenching performance in Martin Scorsese‘s Cape Fear. But then came The Evening Star and The Other Sister, and, well, you see where I’m going. Lewis on Dharma & Greg is just an interesting step on what still could be a promising career–if she got a better agent.