ROLE CALL: Jet Flies to ‘Matrix’?

Will Jet Li kick Keanu Reeves‘ sorry butt? Probably just wishful thinking on our part, but today’s Hollywood Reporter does give us hope. The paper says action star Li (late of “Romeo Must Die“) is about to be wooed by the filmmakers behind “The Matrix” to appear in the hit movie’s upcoming two sequels.

Reeves, for one, is already set to wear black again in the films (dubbed “The Matrix 2” and “The Matrix 3”). So are his cohorts from the original flick — Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss.

WHO IS NUMBER 6? Patrick McGoohan, who in the 1960s starred in the cool, paranoiac and slightly incomprehensible British sci-fi series “The Prisoner,” is set to executive produce a big-screen version for Universal Pictures. Today’s Daily Variety says Simon West (“Con Air“) will direct. No word yet on a star.

WE’VE COME A LONG WAY, BABY: Heather Graham is in talks to join Johnny Depp in the comic-book-inspired mystery “From Hell,” today’s Reporter says. Graham would draw her paycheck the old-fashioned Hollywood way — by playing a hooker.

TIARA TROUBLE: Meg Ryan and Ellen DeGeneres are looking to team up in “Second Chance,” a comedy about a beauty pageant scandal uncovered 15 years later. Ryan would also serve as a producer, the Reporter says.